Diet Plans to Lose Weight
We offer nutritional counseling, menu planning with healthy foods and diet which produces real, sustainable weight loss.
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Medically Monitored Treatment
Let our medical team design a comprehensive weight loss plan specifically for you.
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Excercise for Body, Mind & Soul
It's not just losing weight, it's about maintaining good overall health and optimizing wellness.
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Complete Body Scan
The highly accurate measurements of body composition available, registering fat and lean mass distribution throughout the entire body - all for an inexpensive price of under $75.
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BMI                                                         BMI CATEGORIES

Pounds Kilos
Your BMI:
Under Weight: <18.5
Normal Weight: 18.5-24.9
Over Weight: 25-29.9


Diet includes consuming plentiful amounts of fish, olive oil, legumes, unrefined cereals, fruits and vegetables.

Dieters are also encouraged to eat modest amounts of dairy products and wine.

with the majority of the fat coming by way of the healthier monounsaturated fat.

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Welcome to Naperville Weightloss Center

Naperville Weightloss Center has taken the best tools available in modern medical weight control and concentrated them into an affordable and easy-to-follow program. We understand the physical and emotional struggles that may come with trying to lose weight and living a healthy lifestyle. Embracing a medical-based approach provides a treatment that is both safe and effective under the care of a certified physician assistant.

Utilizing a medically-based approach for weight management allows us to integrate all aspects of your health to ensure both safety and efficacy. We provide an initial health assessment to all new patients to include a consultation and physical examination with our certified physician assistant.

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